Basis of Craftmanship in Core

About Core: 

Satisfaction * Desire
Success * Happiness
Wealth * Integration
Health * Wellness
Meditation * Inspiration

Core: Aim at <|> Priority: Reality challenges of Core.

1. Success <|> Failure
2. Happiness <|> Challenges
3. Wealth <|> Poverty
4. Health <|> Sickness
5. Integration <|> Desperation
6. Wellness <|> Illness
7. Inspiration <|> Discouragement
8. Meditation <|> Ignorance
9. Satisfaction <|> Frustration
10. Desire <|> Repulsion


Basis of Craftmanship (Handiship) in Core.


Basis of Handiship:
It depends on how you put balance your craftmanship to the torche of balance, that is handiship.
* The more you put in Health, the more you touch Happiness.
* The more you put in Meditation the more you touch Success
* The more you put in Inspiration the more you touch Meditation to Happiness
* The more you put in Wealth the more you touch Integration to Happiness.

Success by trade
Happy by trait
Wealthy by plan 
Integrate to advance (span) 
Healthy by care 
Wellness by share (socially responsible) 
Meditate to emptiness
Inspired to fullness 



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