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Wisdom of Dan Sinh

(Wisdom of Ordinary Life)

by Hong Duc

Living in jealousy gives you no benefit.
Hatred harms each other, you have no rewards.
The society is vast, human nature is diversed.
Generous, tolerance, less sorrow.
Those who know, takes no hatred.
The less aware, driven to despair.
Higher academic or lower experience, not that significant.
Virtue and kindness for higher ritual respect.
Talented to be general, lesser.. then be trooper.
Everyone is special, do not despair.
Higher moral, less piety.
Rich, talented, but narrowed mind, no good for mutual value.

Success and Happiness

How to manage Success and Happiness?

Manage Satisfication of Advancements
Manage Achievement of Advantages

= To Overcome Struggles at ease.

Happiness is a state of feeling satisfied, rewarded.
Happiness is a positive mental health.

It is the mentality of satisfaction.
* Comfort – comfortable
* Satisfaction – satisfied
* Appreciation – appreciated
* Accomplishment – accomplished
* Respectation – respected

It is the self control of struggles (swot)
* Satisfied of the advancements.
* Dream and reality life, both are accomplished at advatage.

Success is the accomplishment of physical, material, social values directly to one’s controlled/managed/organized ownership.

It is the acquisition of advantages
* Time
* Money
* Work/Effort/Business
* Influence
* Logistics

Success is achievement:
* Achieve advantages
* Everyday communication of things to define success: planners, organizers.

According to Management Essentials. Management elements are described as “Plan, Organize, Manage, Lead, Control”. You are expected to have a certain level of ability to manage your capabilities to accomplish success.

Success is Organized Accomplishment of the Aquirement for Advantages.

Manifest of a Zen mind

Manifest of a Zen Mind


Manifest of a Zen Mind:
# All about you.
* Appreciate present
* Overcome struggles
* Stay fit and innocence (purity)
* Do not surrender to compromises of bad deeds.

1. Being healthy – keep body healthy and mind sharp. To be discomfort (get out of comfort zone)
2. Being well (done) – Keep living well by seeking for helps to resolve matters and if required to invest hardship so that one can be rewarded with joy and appreciation.
3. Being Wealthy – Keep lifestyle financially sustianed and prosper by retaining budget.
4. Being integrated (fitted) – Keep living inclusive to advancements without prejudice of intimidations that cause refusals of your opportunity to seek advantage.
5. Being meditative – Keep state of mind and body to be disarmed. To be disambiguated by living fulness at present without stressful at everyday struggles (T-B-H-Xa).
6. Being inspired – Keep lifestyle interesting with desired purpose.
7. Being happy – Appreciated for presence of influences and overcome those struggles has caused.
8. Being success – Stay fit at all circumstances of challenges by time, money, relationship, localization, activities, influences, information (over whelms), and state of physio and mind psyhce. (mental dis-balances = temparments).

Define Happiness

Can you define happiness?

Happiness isn’t Success.

People from many different cultures have proven stories that they can distingish Success and Happiness.

The lesser material minded people the easier they recognize happiness.

The more developed society, the more of those people complain that they are not happy eventhough they are very successful in their endeavors.


Because Happiness is about your inner respects. And Success is formulated to your circumstances that are shaped by society.

In between that, societies that do not have fair play community and social values, most self centered are most suffering in defining happiness.

Happiness =

  • Pace of mind
  • No Anxiety
  • No Loniness
  • Pace of communication