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Higher Expenses

Technology gives us convenience and comfort, intelligence of materials are more innovative. Our ways of life is more meaningful. We have so many choices for fun, happiness, mobility, communication, and interaction. The progress gets better for our condition.   

It is more convenience of everything, that are supposed to make our lives easier. Perhaps, those means we are experiencing are deceiting us. Accessible comforts become more widely available, features we don’t need are overwheming us. News things come with more expenses. Higher means of features and pleasures too. These desires cause us higher expectation for working harder so that we earn more and pay for them.

It becomes more complicated again, it is riskier for our social securities, social issues that becoming more of concern because a simply way of life is no where you can fit in.

Choice For A Home, Shell, Or Cubical Commodity Of Debt

Once before, you have choice to live in the outer city, dream of fresh foods, and local organics. But as you would do so, cause you harder life, that many cannot handle. We move to cities, we migrate to metropolis centers of the world, we do every possible effort to work in another city, another country that hope to give us higher income and take care of our family. That alone, we create higher demand for energy consumption and natural resources excavations for city developments. And yet, that pushes further to the financial system, people trade for real estate developments.

Those housing affordabily no longer easy to life, because they are no longer become traditional mean for shelter, but we live in a shell. A shell that has interest, a product of investment that we pay high for rent, and their owners pay high for interests, they use them as investment products. We live in a commodity of debt that supposed to be just meant as a home.

Weather Migration

Concerns for Sustainable Environment and Weather Migration

The weather isn’t normal. Global warming and new wave of heat migration is coming.

On ordinary life basis. We are busy with economic concerns, we tend to forget that our affordability for longterm on this planet has become more of a problem. Social stability are supposed to get better, but here we are in same old global conflict and everyday problematic between us and our environment. Natural sustainability are becoming burdened as our population grow. It is the over consumption that hurts our habitat.

The concerns has become too much, that are beyond our hearts and minds with courage to look into the depth of these issues. Even if we care about them, we feel that such problems are too much for what our life can contribute to solve those problems. This is the complexity of this modern world we are living by.

Wealth and Integration

* Condition of material sustaiability to support everyday activities.

* Condition of social integration and ease of environment.
– Time
– Commute (transportation), mobility
– Communication
– Habitat (Air, water condition and requirements of material resource to adapt).
– Recreational, travel, entertainment.

Patterns of Ordinary and Subordinary

Patterns of Ordinary and Subordinary

Ordinary: Your patterns to help yourself to serve you.
Subordinary: The need of help patterns to help you served.

Time patterns
Money patterns
Localization/Mobility patterns
Relationship patterns (patterns of influence)
Habitual patterns (struggles, mind, body)

Habitual patterns
– Age
– Health / Sickness / What effects daily activities, play, work?
– Mind / Psche. Likes and dislikes?

Invidious Struggle patterns
Social pressure and Personal ability to break pattern?
– Social injustice and cultural deviation. Criminal record and social distrust.
– Disability, special needs
– Mobility, housing, homelessness
– Physio (diet, allergic, drugs, cures, cancer, special care? )



Peers Culture and Overcome Struggle

Peers association

Peers culture and overcome struggle.

How to associate peers for common interests. 


Peers culture and overcome struggle.


People – Time – Money association.


Peers Culture (Group spirit):

* Same circumstance, together get through struggle. (Đồng Khổ Cộng Kham)

* Same minded, support eachother. (Đồng Thanh Tương Ứng)

* Same energy, need eachother. (Đồng Khí Tương Cầu)

* Accustomed to local custom. (Nhập Gia Tuỳ Tục)


Integration Tasks Framework

Integration Tasks Framework

What are Integration Tasks?
Integration tasks are task enhancements. Tasks of handling truggles in phases of advancing your advantages. So that you can live through an everyday life style the way you wanted to be ..defined as your own success and happiness, in the time of modern challenges, of your environment.

Integration is the central activity that puts your own life in balance.

Integration tasks = Advnacements of Advantages to control your struggles. 

Manifest of a Zen mind

Manifest of a Zen Mind


Manifest of a Zen Mind:
# All about you.
* Appreciate present
* Overcome struggles
* Stay fit and innocence (purity)
* Do not surrender to compromises of bad deeds.

1. Being healthy – keep body healthy and mind sharp. To be discomfort (get out of comfort zone)
2. Being well (done) – Keep living well by seeking for helps to resolve matters and if required to invest hardship so that one can be rewarded with joy and appreciation.
3. Being Wealthy – Keep lifestyle financially sustianed and prosper by retaining budget.
4. Being integrated (fitted) – Keep living inclusive to advancements without prejudice of intimidations that cause refusals of your opportunity to seek advantage.
5. Being meditative – Keep state of mind and body to be disarmed. To be disambiguated by living fulness at present without stressful at everyday struggles (T-B-H-Xa).
6. Being inspired – Keep lifestyle interesting with desired purpose.
7. Being happy – Appreciated for presence of influences and overcome those struggles has caused.
8. Being success – Stay fit at all circumstances of challenges by time, money, relationship, localization, activities, influences, information (over whelms), and state of physio and mind psyhce. (mental dis-balances = temparments).