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Donald Trump – A true Capitalist

Trump’s tactic is very simple. Yet, effective for him. And dangerous for everyone else.

1. Do your say opposite.
2. Create more trouble and lies very often like a domino so no one can catch up your trouble that people are about to trial you.
3. Reap all the profit from 1 and 2 and make people pay your debt till death because we all live only once.

1. To become president, Trump said everything about Obama so people hate Obama will support Trump. He has created his base.

2. Once there is an excuse, Trump makes it much worser so people cannot catch up to trial him. If people impeach, Trump will make world war, countries busy with war, Americans and politicians busy at war, Trump holds the power of intimidation to deal with the problem. Now, everyone would be too busy with war, Trump profits every situation.

3. Once the cost of war, debts, poverty. People and organizations, nations and all societies are victims and Trump is a deal maker.

This type of personality is very self central being with strong ego and ability to control the mass. People judge him very negative. Yet, the very high percentage of men in history are like him. Those are men held high power.

DRIVE for Success

D for Discipline = Determination, Commitment.
R for Resources = Money, Trust, People
I for Initiation = Take your Initiative. Education, Experience, Goal, Manage, Lead, Organize, Control.
V for Vision = Focus, clear view objective.
E for Energy = Ability (physical, mentallity, intellectual), motive, endurance, ambition.

Activities and Themes: 

  • Journals 
  • Conversations 

Lifestyle Mandala

Values of The Art of Living in Core That Defines as Lifestyle

The Values of “Success”.

Success can be defined with four values, according to core principle. 

Success equals = Happiness; Self; Family; and Wealth. 

Happiness = Sharinging, giving, caring. 

Self = Mentoring, supporting, investing (in someone most defined as self of you, yourself, your offspring, your relationship. That leads to family value). 

Family = Working, saving, spending, growing ($ and family group productivity of family). 

Success is the art of living. 


Elements of the Art that create Value: 

  1. Life (story telling). What can you tell of your own story? 
  2. Progress
  3. Inspiration
  4. Influence
  5. Satisfaction and
  6. Appreciation. 

This is value of your life style. 


Secrets of Google and Tech Giants

Their business models and how they sustain.

Values Cycle: How platforms sustain themselves.
1. They create technologies that people use for
– making money and use in everday life.
– generate value back to platform.

2. They create technologies that
– make people work for free to the platform and help buld smart platform to help people build more value and intelligence.
– build intelligence currencies of the people network, the master brain, or social brain.
– build the intelligence currencies of the artificial network for creating wealth.

Their stories are all but similar in qualities. Google; Apple; Microsoft.