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How these platform of cultures influence our world

How these platform of cultures influence our world?

  1. Hinduism platform and its vision. Its family oriented culture but struggled to modernize and integration with other population groups because of the language. Like Sikhism also specializes to serve the East Indian population. Hinduism spreads to other languages in the Eastern.
  2. Buddhism platform and its vision. Its contented nirvana that influenced people’s isolation. Buddhism spreads throughout the peaceful world and serving the new groups of western liberation wings. Scientists, technologists, and mindfulness seekers of non religious groups.
  3. Communism platform and its vision. Its ultimatum goal for equality has crippled those adopts it.
  4. Christianity has many branches of their independence “ism” among the creator of many social platforms. Orthodox, Catholics, Anglicans, Evangelists are united under the ideal of American Republics. That union of Russian churches, English Church, Israeli Christian Jewish unity, and American Christianity branches create a global machine of society and they continue to influence state-church global social order. They are the owners of modern intelligence security and society for world domination. Chinese Taoism, Confucianism, Communism, Indian Sikhism, Hinduism cultures cannot ever win them. Global Buddhists become more peaceful soloists and naturalists favor.


Cultural engines of popular culture from the West will not die. However, the disruption of the new class of angers cause by Western corporations will make Western inhibitors realize of their slave-ish status, they will have to upraise for civic activism for equality social housing, labor union. They will come together between individuals as they did after a long rusted peaceful century now will face a challenge of disorganized civic duties. The Christian majority always did in their history. The people’s crusaders in the names of “white supremacists”, the more correct left wing liberals are effective civil activists because they respect neo-Christian ideals with globalist and humanity elements.

  1. Socialism platform and its vision. Such as China is creating huge influence and domination throughout the region. Other socialist unions such as the common “Euro Union”, The United Nations have their own challenges, but the South East Asian North American vision isn’t much helpful in getting this model lifted.
  2. Muslim and the religious government idea society and its vast population has some effective banking and economic system that cause fear of its influence to the west causing present monopolistic superpower and western bankers fear, there comes war and protectionism to the Right wings of western republic ideals.
  3. Capitalism platform and its vision. Only few countries and groups of those states own privileges.
  4. Globalism platform and its vision. Only few international corporations control everything of people securities, sovereignty, and mobility way of living. Their dependence on foods, health, and transportation are supplied by global companies. People become more both as slaves, commodity, and live in discontented world of money and interests. There are some freedom and mobility privileges for those has the money, but they create the most wasteful population of consumers harming the environment and other groups of global populations in the East to serve their needs. Yet, everyone wants, needs, desires to earn education and invest to migrate to lands of opportunity worshiping this ideal.
  5. Democracy and Diversity values are serving the many groups of all. But its ideal is high and hard of reach. Many nations struggle to reach its state. Only few truly democratic and diversity standard respects of nations reach their ultimatum democratic society and governance because those countries have resource, lesser population, and do not influence global militarism, except United States of America. The American Dream; The Swiss Quality Life; The Canadian Courtship; The Great British Influences. These are the English wisdom of modern global society is facing challenges by Chinese Socialism and its cheap made serving the entire world carries with its threat of culture for cheap production and moral less brutal slavery system will be met with disruptions throughout the emergence order of new global society. The West English and East Han cultural. Chinese Han cultural and language will be defeated, branding of English influences will never fail.

Therefore, elements of English influences, Diversity, Global unity for science and modernism to care for global environment, Liberal, and capital republic super power continues to host transparencies for the new world order. Those want to create a “Just Culture” have to adopt these elements.  – Admin

Higher Expenses

Technology gives us convenience and comfort, intelligence of materials are more innovative. Our ways of life is more meaningful. We have so many choices for fun, happiness, mobility, communication, and interaction. The progress gets better for our condition.   

It is more convenience of everything, that are supposed to make our lives easier. Perhaps, those means we are experiencing are deceiting us. Accessible comforts become more widely available, features we don’t need are overwheming us. News things come with more expenses. Higher means of features and pleasures too. These desires cause us higher expectation for working harder so that we earn more and pay for them.

It becomes more complicated again, it is riskier for our social securities, social issues that becoming more of concern because a simply way of life is no where you can fit in.

Choice For A Home, Shell, Or Cubical Commodity Of Debt

Once before, you have choice to live in the outer city, dream of fresh foods, and local organics. But as you would do so, cause you harder life, that many cannot handle. We move to cities, we migrate to metropolis centers of the world, we do every possible effort to work in another city, another country that hope to give us higher income and take care of our family. That alone, we create higher demand for energy consumption and natural resources excavations for city developments. And yet, that pushes further to the financial system, people trade for real estate developments.

Those housing affordabily no longer easy to life, because they are no longer become traditional mean for shelter, but we live in a shell. A shell that has interest, a product of investment that we pay high for rent, and their owners pay high for interests, they use them as investment products. We live in a commodity of debt that supposed to be just meant as a home.

Weather Migration

Concerns for Sustainable Environment and Weather Migration

The weather isn’t normal. Global warming and new wave of heat migration is coming.

On ordinary life basis. We are busy with economic concerns, we tend to forget that our affordability for longterm on this planet has become more of a problem. Social stability are supposed to get better, but here we are in same old global conflict and everyday problematic between us and our environment. Natural sustainability are becoming burdened as our population grow. It is the over consumption that hurts our habitat.

The concerns has become too much, that are beyond our hearts and minds with courage to look into the depth of these issues. Even if we care about them, we feel that such problems are too much for what our life can contribute to solve those problems. This is the complexity of this modern world we are living by.

We Are Consumers

There is a relationship of individual with society and natural world. As a consumer, we consume everything beyond the natural resource can supply us. A social dilemna for status quo has create my temptations that a person can easily fall to debt. If one is unable to manage those temptations, the person could never get off debt and cause many hazard to environment for over consumption. The phase or failure, challenge, or true happiness depends on how much one is able to understand controlled necessities and loss of consumer quotience.


About our consumption

Consumption, means that we use natural resource for necessities, and pleasure. We produce them, consume them, and claim ownership.


We use every mean for the expense of mother nature.

How much can we consume?

How much can we afford?

How much can we own?


I have concerns for our world today.


Human population is growing most rapidly than ever in human evolution. What is going to happen if we consume too much and we cannot manage to sustain our natural resource?

Because of our over population, and over consumption rate, the natural world soon cannot be able to sustain. We need works and efforts, solutions be put into this formula.

Lifestyle Mandala

Values of The Art of Living in Core That Defines as Lifestyle

The Values of “Success”.

Success can be defined with four values, according to core principle. 

Success equals = Happiness; Self; Family; and Wealth. 

Happiness = Sharinging, giving, caring. 

Self = Mentoring, supporting, investing (in someone most defined as self of you, yourself, your offspring, your relationship. That leads to family value). 

Family = Working, saving, spending, growing ($ and family group productivity of family). 

Success is the art of living. 


Elements of the Art that create Value: 

  1. Life (story telling). What can you tell of your own story? 
  2. Progress
  3. Inspiration
  4. Influence
  5. Satisfaction and
  6. Appreciation. 

This is value of your life style. 


Golden Goal of Core Balance

The Art of Living can be defined as in the balance of core. That moment of “I got it”, and “I am living my life” as is. 

[Personal Progress and Social Progress]. 

Define Life Style: 

@Material – Wealth 
@Self – Health and Wellness 
@Work – Safe, Secure, Healthy 
@Society – Social balance = peace and progress 
@Ideal – Widom, moral, perfection (chan, thien, my) 
@Realistic – Personal progress, hardship, handyship. 

@Ideal v.s. @Realistic of Personal Progress = 

@Ideal (Wisdom, Moral, Perfection) v.s. @Realistic (Hardship (majority of suffering), hope for pace of mind, envirionment and deal with it or without a scope of aim). 

There fore, the golden goal of Core is balancing your lifestyle. To keep you balanced, understand what is ideal to you and what is actually realistic. Because your progress is effect by your self and society. 

Without society, there is not civilization. How you stay floated in the “social currencies” is up to you “personal currencies”. Those are other ingredients that we are going to cover. 

Subjects of Exploration in Core: 

  • Meditation
  • Health
  • Wellness
  • Inspiration
  • Integration 
  • Wealth
  • Happiness
  • Success 

Integration Tasks Framework

Integration Tasks Framework

What are Integration Tasks?
Integration tasks are task enhancements. Tasks of handling truggles in phases of advancing your advantages. So that you can live through an everyday life style the way you wanted to be ..defined as your own success and happiness, in the time of modern challenges, of your environment.

Integration is the central activity that puts your own life in balance.

Integration tasks = Advnacements of Advantages to control your struggles.