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LIBERATE for Advantage

L for Law, Lobby, Legitimate
I for Initiative, Influence, Organizations, Infrastructure, Union, Groups of activitis,
B for Bridging gaps.
E for Evolving, a big brain of social minds, an organic society (social and environmental, Ecology), Evolution. A big brain evolution of organic system. An organic of social order through connect; activisim, unity and adopting new rules of competency through unity, or civilized groups. Refusal or accepting its existence doesn’t make a difference, its existence as is.
R for Regulations, Revolution,
A for Activism
T for Technological (e.g. Transportation, Telecommunication)
E for Engineering and Energy.

Activities and Themes:
Social unity, group unity, association, incorporation (doan ket tap the)
* $ = Capitalization; Financing; Philantrophy; Money (individual income)
* W – Work, mini or mega projects, enterprising.
* I – Influence (luc hoa)
* E – Experience, skills, knowledge, intellectual
* L – Logistic, private or public, individual or corporate supply chain.

Our site is in development progress.

Language is our barrier, but mind and heart is our focus.

Up coming, we will announce contents program that we are focusing on.  We are looking for volunteers. If you read our articles and you find that you can improve them. Feel free to write them in your version and share with us. 


Success Seconds Site Map


[SSS Contents]

– Core Articles:
— Happiness
— Integration
— Health
— Wealth
— Wellness
— Inspiration
— Meditation (History and Practices)
— Success

– General Articles:
— Work
— Learn
— Life (Play / Life is a Game (SSS Game Theory))

– Organization Foundation Articles:
— Site Activities
— Clubs Activities
— Social Clubs
— Tutors Clubs
— Development Clubs

Mind Mapping / Infograph / Article Topics
+ Development Systems
— Economic
— Social
— Individual
— Bureaucrats
— Globalization
— Education (Public, Private, Open Public)
— Knowledge Systems (?)
— Intellectual System (S.T.E.A.M)

+ Success philosophy systems
— Value
— Wealth
— Motivation
— Belief

[SSS Programs]

Zen Mind
Mind Scripts
Mind Craftsmanship
Communities Vision 2040 Campaign

– SSS Tutors Club
— Messages to Tutors
— Messages to Parents

– SSS Work and Business Development Club:
Information to support audiences find solutions for work and business.

— Work Development
—- Foreign Workers
—- Local Workers

–Business Development
— Business Developers
— Entrepreneurs

– SSS Social Club:
— Networking
— Integrating


Manifest of a Zen mind

Manifest of a Zen Mind


Manifest of a Zen Mind:
# All about you.
* Appreciate present
* Overcome struggles
* Stay fit and innocence (purity)
* Do not surrender to compromises of bad deeds.

1. Being healthy – keep body healthy and mind sharp. To be discomfort (get out of comfort zone)
2. Being well (done) – Keep living well by seeking for helps to resolve matters and if required to invest hardship so that one can be rewarded with joy and appreciation.
3. Being Wealthy – Keep lifestyle financially sustianed and prosper by retaining budget.
4. Being integrated (fitted) – Keep living inclusive to advancements without prejudice of intimidations that cause refusals of your opportunity to seek advantage.
5. Being meditative – Keep state of mind and body to be disarmed. To be disambiguated by living fulness at present without stressful at everyday struggles (T-B-H-Xa).
6. Being inspired – Keep lifestyle interesting with desired purpose.
7. Being happy – Appreciated for presence of influences and overcome those struggles has caused.
8. Being success – Stay fit at all circumstances of challenges by time, money, relationship, localization, activities, influences, information (over whelms), and state of physio and mind psyhce. (mental dis-balances = temparments).

Success Seconds Foundation

Success Seconds Foundation – An Open Proposal

SSS Foundation

An open source research collaboration on the topics of harmonic development.

Establish Communication:
– Provincial Ministry of Jobs and Business Developments.
– Social Business Angels
– Businesses that will benefit from recruiting our volunteers.

Establish Context Presence and Presentation:
– Descriptions announcement
– Proposal announcement
– Activity collaboration announcement

Activity Collaborations Project:
– Calling for facilitation support
– Calling for content production
– Calling for participants
– Calling for volunteer developers

Proposal of Development:
– Courses
– Audiences
– Local resources and customization
– Coaches and Instructors
– IT and Content Projects

1. For businesses with high turnover. They cannot survive if they don’t have quality people. It comes first dependence on quality managers.
2. For individuals that need to save and invest to find work in less commute flexibility and save more time. They cannot learn at home. Learning at home isn’t easy.
3. For public, economic, and policy planners. There is need to update knowledge about quality people to produce economic sustainability and industrial productivity. Quality people are highly expected in academic institutions.