Elements of Personal Development

Elements of Personal Development

How Core Works?

Cores; Modes; Priorities; Plans

Core and Mode Relationship.

Normally, you have concerns in life. Your health; You relationship, etc. Everything comes on to you. It depends on your mood, and your health status. On a daily basis, you would see your matters differently.
The Core cycle of your concerns, as you are suffering, or as if you are having joyful moment, and if you are having a neutral stage. These are your modes.

Simply call it “Mode”. There are three modes on a daily basis: Good; So so; and Bad.

Be it adjusted as “Great day”; “Relaxed day”; or “Miserable day”.

Now, comes to your Priority. There are priorities.

– Too many? Dozens of priorities?

Simply put, lets distinguist these two groups. Priorities, and Plans.