I am conducting a research project about compassionate values. 
There are so much problems in today society. Even coaching programs have problems. For example, people are so much driven into the term “success” that coaching programs out there take that advantage to sell the term “success” equals to “get rich”. The more people seek for success the more they signs up for expensive programs just to find themselves making coaches richer and participants never get that success. 
I wanted to change that. Success must be meant something that makes a person look into themselves more often than the money success matters. 
I set up the project, but my thoughts and brainstormed idea is way too much. I have about more than 900 pages of my journal for over 15 years of my thoughts. I am going to make the project readable. That requires a lot of helps in the development process.
I hope my work will contribute to the open content. 
I need the fund to hire writers and artists, renting library spaces for production meetings. This initiating process for the project helps make the project  proficient.

Duc Huynh