Steps to Organize Your Priority

Steps to Organize Your Priority (WLL).

It depends on an individual state of balance.

Define Balance:
Balance = Ability to understand required knowledge, circumstance, and access to means expected for taking action to resolve targeted struggle.

External/Environmental/Social Pressure (MCR):
– Integrate
– Success
– Wealth
– Inspiration

Internal/Personal Disarmament (MAB):
– Happiness
– Meditation
– Health
– Wellness

Personal Satisfaction / Struggles (Social Currencies)
* Integrated <|> Isolated
* Success <|> Failures, Mistakes
* Wealth <|> Poverty
* Inspiration <|> Anxiety, Stress, Worry
* Happy <|> Anger, Madness, Hate, Moody
* Meditate <|> Dumb, Stupid acts, violence, crime, aggression, offensive, suppression, unclear thinking.
* Health <|> Abusive, Addiction, Aging, weak, alcoholic, drugged.
* Wellness <|> Misery (Dis-joyed), destroyed, repetitive mistakes.

Integrate v.s. Isolate
[Source of support, everyday]
– Place to live
– Commute
– Contacts, Relations

Success v.s. Failure
– Satisfaction
– Accomplishment of Ownership, Credibility, Influence. (Success = Satisfaction of disciplined on the accomplishment of ownership, creditbility, and influence.)

Wealth v.s. Poverty
– $
– Time
– People
– Assets

Inspiration v.s. Desperation
(Identity of self)
– Interests
– Freewill
– Desires
– Hope
– Purpose
– Influence
– Identity
– Wisdom
– Drive

Happiness v.s. Discrimination
(Diversity v.s Isolation)
– Relationship
– Social, Society
– Civilized
– Friendship

Meditation v.s. Obstruction
(Obstruction, Aggression of peace)
– Purity (sleep, calm)
– Clarity (awaken, fresh)
– Emptiness (disarmament, free)

Health v.s. Addiction
– Body
– Mind
– Maturity (aging, ageless, youthful, intellectual health)

Wellness v.s. (Impulsive)
– Joy to move around, relax and state of feeling joyful
– Appreciation – know when, where, how to get the help and appreciation for support.

– Location
– Time (Time blocks)
– Money
– Reference of influence (strategy(purpose), people, plan)
– Activity (Time slots)
– Reference of Information (Expenses, Knowledge, Tools, Reports, Exchanges)
Your Advantage
– more time
– more money
– more favored activity
– more support of influence
– more assets and tools

Your Advancement
– to get
– to save
– to seek
– to fulfill
– to help
– to pass on

– Integration
– Inspiration
– Meditation

17 Plans to Freedom


LIBERATE for Advantage

L for Law, Lobby, Legitimate
I for Initiative, Influence, Organizations, Infrastructure, Union, Groups of activitis,
B for Bridging gaps.
E for Evolving, a big brain of social minds, an organic society (social and environmental, Ecology), Evolution. A big brain evolution of organic system. An organic of social order through connect; activisim, unity and adopting new rules of competency through unity, or civilized groups. Refusal or accepting its existence doesn’t make a difference, its existence as is.
R for Regulations, Revolution,
A for Activism
T for Technological (e.g. Transportation, Telecommunication)
E for Engineering and Energy.

Activities and Themes:
Social unity, group unity, association, incorporation (doan ket tap the)
* $ = Capitalization; Financing; Philantrophy; Money (individual income)
* W – Work, mini or mega projects, enterprising.
* I – Influence (luc hoa)
* E – Experience, skills, knowledge, intellectual
* L – Logistic, private or public, individual or corporate supply chain.

PRICE for Opportunity

P for People – People service, priority relations, preferences, PPPPs.
R for Records – Data driven, proofs.
I for Informal – Informal relations, trust connects, low profile
C for Clubs – Organized groups of interest
E for Events – Collective social interaction

Activities and Themes:
– Informal networking
– Social networking
– Organized (social) clubs, associations, societies of specialized group or industry, market sectors.
– People is primary objective. It is all about people. Them comes place, product, and price (market).
– Records, data driven developments, data science.

DRIVE for Success

D for Discipline = Determination, Commitment.
R for Resources = Money, Trust, People
I for Initiation = Take your Initiative. Education, Experience, Goal, Manage, Lead, Organize, Control.
V for Vision = Focus, clear view objective.
E for Energy = Ability (physical, mentallity, intellectual), motive, endurance, ambition.

Activities and Themes: 

  • Journals 
  • Conversations 

Lifestyle Mandala

Values of The Art of Living in Core That Defines as Lifestyle

The Values of “Success”.

Success can be defined with four values, according to core principle. 

Success equals = Happiness; Self; Family; and Wealth. 

Happiness = Sharinging, giving, caring. 

Self = Mentoring, supporting, investing (in someone most defined as self of you, yourself, your offspring, your relationship. That leads to family value). 

Family = Working, saving, spending, growing ($ and family group productivity of family). 

Success is the art of living. 


Elements of the Art that create Value: 

  1. Life (story telling). What can you tell of your own story? 
  2. Progress
  3. Inspiration
  4. Influence
  5. Satisfaction and
  6. Appreciation. 

This is value of your life style. 


Golden Goal of Core Balance

The Art of Living can be defined as in the balance of core. That moment of “I got it”, and “I am living my life” as is. 

[Personal Progress and Social Progress]. 

Define Life Style: 

@Material – Wealth 
@Self – Health and Wellness 
@Work – Safe, Secure, Healthy 
@Society – Social balance = peace and progress 
@Ideal – Widom, moral, perfection (chan, thien, my) 
@Realistic – Personal progress, hardship, handyship. 

@Ideal v.s. @Realistic of Personal Progress = 

@Ideal (Wisdom, Moral, Perfection) v.s. @Realistic (Hardship (majority of suffering), hope for pace of mind, envirionment and deal with it or without a scope of aim). 

There fore, the golden goal of Core is balancing your lifestyle. To keep you balanced, understand what is ideal to you and what is actually realistic. Because your progress is effect by your self and society. 

Without society, there is not civilization. How you stay floated in the “social currencies” is up to you “personal currencies”. Those are other ingredients that we are going to cover. 

Subjects of Exploration in Core: 

  • Meditation
  • Health
  • Wellness
  • Inspiration
  • Integration 
  • Wealth
  • Happiness
  • Success 

Elements of Personal Development

Elements of Personal Development

How Core Works?

Cores; Modes; Priorities; Plans

Core and Mode Relationship.

Normally, you have concerns in life. Your health; You relationship, etc. Everything comes on to you. It depends on your mood, and your health status. On a daily basis, you would see your matters differently.
The Core cycle of your concerns, as you are suffering, or as if you are having joyful moment, and if you are having a neutral stage. These are your modes.

Simply call it “Mode”. There are three modes on a daily basis: Good; So so; and Bad.

Be it adjusted as “Great day”; “Relaxed day”; or “Miserable day”.

Now, comes to your Priority. There are priorities.

– Too many? Dozens of priorities?

Simply put, lets distinguist these two groups. Priorities, and Plans.

Success Seconds Campaign

Communities Vision 2040 Campaign

A majority of many Success Development communities are helping individuals making money. This belief system happens to be in the western world, when capitalism dictates success, and economic agenda is the only definite solution to everything in life. That philosophy does create attraction for a large group of followers. Yet, it also generates a problem. 

Lets put it this way. Capitalists, or financially centered people have their own standard structure of wealth creation disciplines. Those people generate so much money and they seek for further investments in real estates, technologies, and trades. As they become strong will investors, they are stake holders that expect higher returns. The amount to this mass accumulation does create a mindset in economic models, and societies that determines so many formulas, but they all end up a focus point about increasing higher rate of profit, and add higher price as time goes by. As a result, the capitalistic society take economic growth rate standard. For that standard alone, a home becomes an investment asset, a work place becomes a stressful expectation, a grocery store keeps increasing higher price on necessities of consumer needs. Every thing sounds great, but the average individual becomes a victim.

In communist, socialist economies as well, it doesn’t matter which society we talk about, the driven of global investment chain, a world a in a bowl of spagetti fabrication of financing system that expect higher growth of profits. That alone, not to mention other moral, and environment issues, the formula of growth doesn’t help social stability and environmental sustainability, and it puts pressure on human prosperity, only that it gives success to a group of class, and it ruins average human being. 

There fore, success seeking by financially means doesn’t fully fit in the ethical means of success seeking.

Our campaign is to find out all of that. 

To be updated.