Success and Happiness

How to manage Success and Happiness?

Manage Satisfication of Advancements
Manage Achievement of Advantages

= To Overcome Struggles at ease.

Happiness is a state of feeling satisfied, rewarded.
Happiness is a positive mental health.

It is the mentality of satisfaction.
* Comfort – comfortable
* Satisfaction – satisfied
* Appreciation – appreciated
* Accomplishment – accomplished
* Respectation – respected

It is the self control of struggles (swot)
* Satisfied of the advancements.
* Dream and reality life, both are accomplished at advatage.

Success is the accomplishment of physical, material, social values directly to one’s controlled/managed/organized ownership.

It is the acquisition of advantages
* Time
* Money
* Work/Effort/Business
* Influence
* Logistics

Success is achievement:
* Achieve advantages
* Everyday communication of things to define success: planners, organizers.

According to Management Essentials. Management elements are described as “Plan, Organize, Manage, Lead, Control”. You are expected to have a certain level of ability to manage your capabilities to accomplish success.

Success is Organized Accomplishment of the Aquirement for Advantages.