Success Seconds Campaign

Communities Vision 2040 Campaign

A majority of many Success Development communities are helping individuals making money. This belief system happens to be in the western world, when capitalism dictates success, and economic agenda is the only definite solution to everything in life. That philosophy does create attraction for a large group of followers. Yet, it also generates a problem. 

Lets put it this way. Capitalists, or financially centered people have their own standard structure of wealth creation disciplines. Those people generate so much money and they seek for further investments in real estates, technologies, and trades. As they become strong will investors, they are stake holders that expect higher returns. The amount to this mass accumulation does create a mindset in economic models, and societies that determines so many formulas, but they all end up a focus point about increasing higher rate of profit, and add higher price as time goes by. As a result, the capitalistic society take economic growth rate standard. For that standard alone, a home becomes an investment asset, a work place becomes a stressful expectation, a grocery store keeps increasing higher price on necessities of consumer needs. Every thing sounds great, but the average individual becomes a victim.

In communist, socialist economies as well, it doesn’t matter which society we talk about, the driven of global investment chain, a world a in a bowl of spagetti fabrication of financing system that expect higher growth of profits. That alone, not to mention other moral, and environment issues, the formula of growth doesn’t help social stability and environmental sustainability, and it puts pressure on human prosperity, only that it gives success to a group of class, and it ruins average human being. 

There fore, success seeking by financially means doesn’t fully fit in the ethical means of success seeking.

Our campaign is to find out all of that. 

To be updated.