Success Seconds Foundation

Success Seconds Foundation – An Open Proposal

SSS Foundation

An open source research collaboration on the topics of harmonic development.

Establish Communication:
– Provincial Ministry of Jobs and Business Developments.
– Social Business Angels
– Businesses that will benefit from recruiting our volunteers.

Establish Context Presence and Presentation:
– Descriptions announcement
– Proposal announcement
– Activity collaboration announcement

Activity Collaborations Project:
– Calling for facilitation support
– Calling for content production
– Calling for participants
– Calling for volunteer developers

Proposal of Development:
– Courses
– Audiences
– Local resources and customization
– Coaches and Instructors
– IT and Content Projects

1. For businesses with high turnover. They cannot survive if they don’t have quality people. It comes first dependence on quality managers.
2. For individuals that need to save and invest to find work in less commute flexibility and save more time. They cannot learn at home. Learning at home isn’t easy.
3. For public, economic, and policy planners. There is need to update knowledge about quality people to produce economic sustainability and industrial productivity. Quality people are highly expected in academic institutions.

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