The Core Clock

How to catagorize core clock.

The Periodical Core Blocks of Time.

1. Meditation time – time to rest your mind to emptiness. Flush everything, trash anything in your head. Your brain needs relieved to neutral state so your mind will be contained.
2. Wealth time – time to organize money.
3. Success time – time to plan, organize work, define struggles.
4. Inspiration time – time to be desired. All the entertain, recreation, rest, travel, social, joy.
5. Health time – time to cure your health.
6. Wellness time – time to organize balance of body, mind, age (questions of maturity, what to halt, what to continue, what to give up, what to appreciate, and what to forgive).
7. Integration time – time to network, fits in, get to know the world surrounding you. Socially responsible, that directly effecting your life rythm. Time to resolve your social, legal, personal-social challenges. Time to solve your everyday life struggles. A majority of a hardwork in an average citizen.
8. Happiness time – the moment that is most precious for being set forth. Love, family, children, inhabitual civic life; most personal; most vidid; most meaningful to you, that doesn’t matter what that happiness is meant to you, but that can be catagorized in eith paths of happiness (according to Theravada buddhism).


If you are filled with all this in mind.
Analyze, remind, coach some one, set schedule.
Daily; weekly; monthly; quarterly; seasonal; yearly; (temporarily, or short term); or every few years (long term).
Be interactively exchanging of how you manage your time to be synchronize with your closest relationship, or organization.
Be up-to-date with how you consume your time and if you can reserve your time for meditative trends.

Meditative trends are techniques that can free your mind. There are many traditional and new methods. They can be found through recreational activities, a possitive life style, and during activities that matters to how you regard as your success and happiness.